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Welcome to PreserveList, Preservation Maryland’s online preservation services directory. This website is currently under construction, but listings are still accessible.

PreserveList was developed to connect preservation service providers with customers that are looking to care for their historic structures.  After the site’s full relaunch on January 1, 2023, PreserveList will be a free service to all, both those looking for preservation services and those interested in listing their relevant services.

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Museums & Historic Sites Must Be Part of COVID-19 Recovery Plans

Posted 04/09/2020

No aspect or corner of Maryland’s economy will be unscathed by the economic downturn caused by the current pandemic and it is critically important that Maryland’s museums and historic sites are supported as the nation plans for recovery.

In Maryland, museums, historic sites and heritage areas are a major component of tourism and they generate millions of dollars in economic activity. Plans and programs aimed at stimulating the economy must include Maryland’s cultural sector.

In a recent official statement about COVID-19 reponse and recovery as it relates to historic preservation and historic trades, Preservation Maryland offers statistics about the economic impact of preservation and a call to support museums now and as stay-at-home bans are lifted.

Covid-19 Response & Recovery Statement