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Lewis Contactors

General Contractor, Project Management

Founded as general contractors in 1966, Lewis Contractors is an award-winning, family owned and operated construction management and general contracting firm. Engaging in all types of academic, institutional, restoration, industrial, and commercial projects, the Lewis Team delivers a tradition of excellence, innovative thinking, and attention to detail to each of its clients’ projects.

By focusing on Baltimore’s most venerable institutions, Lewis has created a robust portfolio of high-profile projects and has flourished over the years by applying its near half-century of experience toward adding value to its partnerships from the design phase through the ribbon-cutting and beyond.

Through its extensive experience in historic restoration over the years, Lewis has found that providing a thoughtful, proactive forensic effort early in every preservation project is the most effective way to minimize surprises, maintain budget, and add value to the overall project – ultimately protecting the historic fabric and integrity of the project for many years to come.