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Welcome to PreserveList, Preservation Maryland’s online preservation services directory. This website is currently under construction, but listings are still accessible.

PreserveList was developed to connect preservation service providers with customers that are looking to care for their historic structures.  After the site’s full relaunch on January 1, 2023, PreserveList will be a free service to all, both those looking for preservation services and those interested in listing their relevant services.

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Kimmel Studio Architects

Architectural History, Architecture & Planning

Kimmel Studio Architects is an architecture firm specializing in historic preservation and in custom, high-end architecture. Devin Kimmel, AIA, ASLA, of Kimmel Studio Architects, is an award-winning licensed architect, licensed landscape architect and illustrator. He is the lead architect and the lead landscape architect for the preservation of Cloverfields, a Maryland mansion built in 1705. The project is the most important restoration underway in the state of Maryland. He is working as a team with prestigious historian Willie Graham, curator of architecture at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for +35 years, to develop the master plan, the design and the working drawings necessary to restore the house and gardens. Some other projects in which Mr. Kimmel has been involved include the 110-million-dollar renovation of the 1926 Main Branch of the Pratt Library in Baltimore. His classical design for the National WWI Memorial in Washington, DC was shortlisted to the final five from over 350 entries. Besides providing their expertise with planning, architecture and landscape architecture, the team at Kimmel Studio can produce illustrative drawings and 3D renderings of historic projects. These can prove invaluable when producing educational and fundraising material.

Cloverfields, hand-drawn by Devin Kimmel, AIA, ASLA.