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Welcome to PreserveList, Preservation Maryland’s online preservation services directory. This website is currently under construction, but listings are still accessible.

PreserveList was developed to connect preservation service providers with customers that are looking to care for their historic structures.  After the site’s full relaunch on January 1, 2023, PreserveList will be a free service to all, both those looking for preservation services and those interested in listing their relevant services.

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Energy Services Group

Energy & Efficiency

Energy Services Group specializes in assessing new and existing homes for cost-effective ways to increase energy efficiency and improve comfort throughout your family’s home. We partner with utility companies and local energy programs to ensure that you will receive all applicable rebates offered in your area.

Energy Services Group began in 1981 specializing in residential energy conservation using the Princeton House Doctor Approach of total systems analysis and cost-effective repair. We are the oldest instrumented auditing and retrofitting business in the country and are truly the Original House Doctors.